Date: July 4th – October 4th 2014
Schedule: 10am – 12am
Location: Back Patio of Palácio Belmonte
Address: Pateo Dom Fradique, 14 – 1100-624 Lisboa
Contacts: +351 218816600 _

Artist/Author: Camila Cañeque
Curated by: Maria and Frederic Coustols / Belmonte Cultural Club
 DaST, WOA-Way of Arts, FAS-Fundo Arquitectura Social
Sponsors: CML-Agenda Cultural de Lisboa, EGEACGoethe Institut
, Há Castelo, Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria MaiorOA-Secção Regional Sul
, Trienal de Arquitectura de LisboaPalacio Belmonte Lisboa lda
, Vaz de Carvalho


Pavilion is an intervention/program by Camila Cañeque taking place at the Pátio Dom Fradique from July 4th at midnight to September. An installation held by Belmonte Cultural Club, in association with DaST-Design a Sustainable Tomorrow, WOA|Way of Arts and FAS-Fundo Arquitectura Social.

Pavilion displays a subtitled action that points the critical situation in which a way of living is dying and reevaluates matters such as *the “city-product” phenomenon and its devastating consequences, *the use of patrimony as a mere strategic postcard to attract visitors or *the use and abuse of public spaces as economical instruments.

For this major show, the artist Camila Cañeque will transform a plot of ruins (at the epicenter area beneath Castelo São Jorge) into an exotic Chinese-mass-produced plastic garden staging abused urban landscape referencing merchandising and exploitation to rethink current “tourism of identity” and opening to a status of general disorientation.


Camila Cañeque (Guadalajara, 1984) is a Spanish artist currently living in Europe.
Unified by a focus on the body as a platform for aesthetic and social inquiry, her work includes a variety of media from public interventions, performance or body-based practices to writing, installation, video and sound.

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