“Luces de Belmonte” / the new and authentic piece by Margreet Markerink for Palácio Belmonte

The international pianist Margreet Markerink just shared with us her most recent piece for her new album, written and composed at Palácio Belmonte and entitled “Luces de Belmonte”. It’s her most recent composition, from February 2016, as “she wrote this piano piece as a hommage to the Palacio Belmonte in Lisbon. It reflects this beautiful ancient palace, and the friendship with their inhabitants, who live there during the last 20 years. The light in Palacio Belmonte is reflected in this music. It is a place of calmness, creativity, and freedom.”

Margreet Markerink is a Dutch pianist. “After her classical studies at the conservatory, she specialized in composing arranging and performing Argentinian Tangomusic under the supervision of well-known pianist / composer Gutavo Beytelmann and bandoneonist / pianist Carel Kraayenhof at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Inspired by various musical styles (from classical to jazz and Balkan music), her compositions are original without losing the tango feel. In addition to playing her in Trio Tangata and Tango Dorado, she has worked extensively with Tangozangers, such as José Rivero. In 2008 she won the national “choclo” compositional award for new tango dance music with 5 own compositions.”

You can see more of her increadible work on her website at www.margreetmarkerink.com or on her YouTube page at www.youtube.com/user/margreetmarkerink/featured.

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