The 7 Best Lisbon Hotels according to JS Editor Siobhan Reid

We’ve recently found a great article on Lisbon’s best 7 hotels, according to JetSetter’s magazine editor Siobhan Reid, where during his stay in Lisbon last 2016 he says “I recently had the pleasure of spending four magical days in Lisbon. It’s a vast, vertiginous metropolis best explored by foot or yellow cable car, but plenty can be gleaned about the culturally-rich capital through its hotels. Design-centric, food-driven and steeped in history, Lisbon’s accommodations are not unlike the city itself, which has quietly emerged as one of Europe’s most dynamic —and affordable— spots over the past few years. (…) I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorites sleeps. (…)”

And when getting to Palácio Belmonte, “Stately and historic, Palacio Belmonte is a splurge-worthy stay with amenities (sitting rooms, libraries, terraces) fit for a king. The Palace is the oldest building of its kind in the city, once serving as the residence of the Marques d’Atalia, Alvares Cabral and the Earls of Belmonte—something you might be able to intuit from the aristocratic interiors, which blend antique rugs, 18th-century hand-painted tiles, period oil-paintings and preserved Roman walls. There’s no restaurant on-site, but a breakfast is served on a breezy private terrace that overlooks the city’s terracotta rooftops, and all other meals can be ordered from Michelin-starred Belcanto. Spend your days relaxing by the orange tree and herb garden-lined black marble swimming pool, or brushing up on your reading one of two wood-paneled libraries.”

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