Belmonte Cafe & Front Patio

The Palácio Belmonte speaks so profoundly of Lisbon that some days we scarcely felt the need to venture out at all.


About the Belmonte Cafe

A magnificent space blending old and new with it’s magical walls made of iron and ancient arches leads directly to the inside of Páteo D. Fradique. The perfect place to join pleasure and culture, rather with friends or family.

We’re opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 19pm.

Belmonte Cafe and Patio as stage of the Belmonte Cultural Club

Located in Palácio Belmonte’s front patio, where millions of tourists cross through every year for the connection it’s location establishes between the S.Jorge Castle entrance and the Alfama bairro, you find the most exquisite and unique corner, a cafe and restaurant emerged within a cultural concept where you find music, contemporary art and history.

Here you’ll be invited to events and happenings that will lead you to a sensorial awareness, magical experiences among art, nature and an urban/historical character, as the Cultural Club seeks to share timeless approaches from authors that underline a modern organic simplicity through unimaginable perspectives and creations.

To assure that you’re part of our next cultural event, sign up to our newsletter and/or follow us on any of our networks. For a review of our last events please go to our homepage or gallery.

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Tel: (+351) 218 816 600 / (+351) 218 860 431


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