Governor’s Room & Library

The Palácio Belmonte speaks so profoundly of Lisbon that some days we scarcely felt the need to venture out at all.


About the Governor’s Room

The four walls of this ancient dining room are decorated with hand painted tiles dating from the first quarter of the XVIIIth century. The design and the colour are luxurious and shows rare picnics parties. This room is also 7m high decorated with a splendid wooden painted roof in box. It leads to the music room and the terrace.

About the Library

The Library of the Palacio is divided in two rooms. We enter the white library through a big double door from the first floor hall with it’s old black and white “mosaicos de papa”. Two other big double doors connect the white library, one to the red library and the other to the chapel and the suites.

To honor it’s name, one of its walls, facing the chimney is covered with shelves that contain part of the 3.500 books you will enjoy reading during your stay at the Palacio and also a beautiful collection of butterflies. On the other wall we can see a big mirror above a beautiful wooden fireplace marmored in red and on the sides well-kept original letters signed by Portuguese and Spanish kings, D. Pedro e Dª Maria and one from Isabel Queen of Castela, Leão e Aragão. The roof is vaulted and the soil is made of red tiles. The red library obviously painted in red with all its books dealing mainly on ecology and sustainable development, framed letters from long-gone Portuguese kings, old alphabetic letters from primitives press and two paper panels, part of a serie representing the different languages still spoken in the world in the middle of the 20th century will encourage you to immerse in diversity.

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