Leopold Restaurant

Wednesday to Sunday / 7:30pm to 11pm

Using locally sourced ingredients, co-owner and chef Tiago Feio has produced a series of dishes that underline his savvy technique and mastery of interpretation.


Portuguese culinary through the fusion of traditional experience
and creative modernism while defining the “new exquisite”
of high-end gastronomy.

The fulfilling singularity of luxury to your senses

Once located in beautiful Mouraria, Leopold Restaurant decided to shift its uniqueness to a new approach, always mesmerizing by the vision and touch of life partners and co-owners Tiago Feio and Ana Cachaço, today within the walls of Palácio Belmonte and side-by-side to the São Jorge Castle.

And as if the gastronomic aknowledgment wasnt enough, the artistic minimalism, almost intemporal in its fusion with the historic depth of its location sitting side-by-side with São Jorge Castle and within the walls of Portugal’s most ancient palace, an ambience of privacy and art is what awaits and delivers.

A minimalistic gem

An experience where the lack of adjectives will defy you to define the moment encounter for such tasted crafting. Exquisite luxury to your senses. Or, as USA Today described, “less often means more, and this minimalist gem delivers a memorable dining experience with deceptive ease. Located within the walls of the historic 15th-century Palácio Belmonte, an upscale accommodation option sited in Lisbon’s quaint Castelo quarter, Leopold offers diners a simply presented yet impressively created seasonal tasting menu that while acknowledging Portugal’s culinary heritage, is quite singular in its inception. Using locally sourced ingredients, co-owner and chef Tiago Feio has produced a series of dishes that underline his savvy technique and mastery of interpretation. A modest wine list featuring rare and select Portuguese labels, plus one or two French and Italian examples, further enhances an extraordinary gastronomic journey. Tiago’s partner, Ana Cachaço, who is Leopold’s co-owner, provides an effortless and engaging table service. Together the pair make perfect hosts.”

Crafted by the iconic chef Tiago Feio, an experience of uniqueness,
like silk wrapped around the soul, where ambience designs
a minimalistic depth through the historic vibrations felt within its walls.

Fine dinning in a dramatic setting

Press is beyond count in what comes to characterise Leopold in the glamour of top modern restaurants and evolution of the portuguese cuisine. From “a dramatic setting at the foot of Castelo de São Jorge where Chef Tiago Feio obsesses on extracting the cleanest, sharpest flavors from each ingredient he uses (…) his plate of raw wild spinach, crunchy barley malt seeds, and sous-vide turnips is a study in minimalism and restraint, and it’s a great example of how far fine dining has come in this city (…)” by Bloomberg Pursuits in “how to spend a perfect weekend in Europe’s new coolest capital”;

A real rise in fortune

to Condé Nast Traveller underlining the concept of “different” by descrining Leopold as “wisely iluminated through the streets and coners of old Lisbon, decisively inviting to a space of aknowledged frequence, a restaurant that gambles on the quality of presentation and matéria prima while enhancing an undeniable feeling of elegance, delicacy and serenity on each plate.” A collection of flattering reviews, from top world magazines to high-end city-guide catalogues such as Louis Vuitton, underlining “a real rise in fortune” to what concerns Lisbons position in world class cuisine.

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We seek to fulfil by offering the singularity of exclusivity.
An unrepeated moment that will last forever, in each visit.