Alberto Caeiro

Family Suite

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The Suite

Family Suite – A beautiful low ceilinged suite overlooking the garden. This charming suite has two bedrooms – a master bedroom that has two gorgeous window seats, and a second room which would be perfect for children. Both bedrooms can be arranged with a double or twin beds to suit your needs. A spacious living room is perfect to entertain the whole family, with a collection of books, games and DVDs. There’s also a small kitchen for your convenience. This spacious suite also has two bathrooms, one with a bathtub and the other with a large walk-in shower. Area 100 sqm.

Number of Bedrooms: 2
 2 Double Beds or 2 Twin Beds
Bathrooms: 1 with Bathtub + 1 with Walk In Shower
Occupancy: Family of 4
Size: 100 sqm
View: Garden, Pool

Price: 800,00€/night with complementary breakfast and VAT included (City tax – 2€/person/day not included)

Special holidays: Saint Valentines, Easter and Christmas holidays an extra cost of 100€ per suite will be applied

Alberto Caeiro

Alberto Caeiro was Fernando Pessoa’s first heteronym: ‘He sees things with the eyes only, not with the mind. He does not let any thoughts arise when he looks at a flower… the only thing a stone tells him is that it has nothing at all to tell him… this way of looking at a stone may be described as the totally unpoetic way of looking at it. The stupendous fact about Caeiro is that out of this sentiment, or rather absence of sentiment, he writes poetry.’
What made Alberto Caeiro such an original poet was the way in which he apprehended existence. He did not question anything whatsoever; he calmly accepted the world as it was. The recurrent themes found in nearly all of Caeiro’s poems are wide-eyed childlike wonder at the infinite variety of nature, as noted by a critic. Central to his world-view was the idea that in the world around us, all is surface: things are precisely what they seem, there is no hidden meaning anywhere.

Pessoa created this heteronym as “Master” of the other heteronyms and even Pessoa himself. This fictional character was born in 1889 and died in 1915, at 26, the same age of Pessoa’s best friend Mário de Sá-Carneiro, who killed himself in Paris, in 1916. Thus, Sá-Carneiro seems to have inspired, at least partially, Alberto Caeiro.
Caeiro was a humble man of poor education, but a great poet “naif”, he was born in Lisbon, but lived almost all his life in the nearby countryside of Ribatejo. However, his poetry is full of philosophy. He wrote “Poemas Inconjuntos” (Disconnected Poems) and “O Guardador de Rebanhos” (The Keeper of Sheep), published by Fernando Pessoa in his “Art Journal” Athena in 1924-25.

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