1. Palacio Belmonte operates the website, a reservation website for the Palacio Belmonte.
  2. The website allows users to make room reservations at the Palacio Belmonte, however, reservations can also be made through other internet services and by contacting the Palacio Belmonte office directly.
  3. Any customer using the online booking system confirms having received all necessary information to proceed to the available booking options and the terms and conditions which may apply to the use of the booking system, to this booking and sales policy and to the reservation itself.
  4. Any use of this website, and/or reservation made through this website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, and the sales conditions of the reserved rate at the time of the reservation. Absolutely no reservation is possible without this full agreement, and any reservation made implies the full acceptance of this agreement.
  5. On this website, customers and users may find: information about rooms and space, rates, available payment methods, addresses, contact information, terms and conditions for online reservations and sales, validity, minimum and maximum lengths of stay, for the available reservable options. All information on this website is made available in standard English. And all information on location is available in Portuguese and standard English.
  6. Any user or customer confirms that he is fully able to legally commit to these, and all terms and conditions applicable to this website, service provided, reservation and stay.
  7. Anyone placing a reservation declares that the reservation is for personal use only, and that if for professional use, has previously contacted the Palacio Belmonte office to obtain written authorization to place a reservation for professional use.
  8. Any customer or user seeking to obtain further information about this agreement, any agreement applicable to this website, or any public information about the Palacio Belmonte may do so by contacting


Glossary of terms

There are terms in this document which have specific clarifications to them. They are defined as follows:

  1. “booking confirmation  / please make your deposit
    This is an email sent by Palacio Belmonte to the customer, and which contains a summary of the reservation made by the customer.
  2. “booking confirmation”
    This is the final step which completes the registration process, and in which a customer pays for the deposit referring to the first night’s stay, a fixed rate, or 50% of the total as a means to secure and guarantee the reservation. Proceeding with the payment commits the customer contractually.
  3.  “user / viewer”
    Any individual browsing the website, acting on personal or professional interests, and who does not have any relation with Palacio Belmonte or Lost Tribe.
  4.  “customer”
    Any individual browsing the website, acting on personal or professional interests, who does not have any relation with Palacio Belmonte orLost Tribe, and who is interested in making a reservation or contracting a service related to the Palacio Belmonte orLost Tribe.
  5.  “service”
    Reservation of suite, room, the entire Palacio Belmonte, or any other physical space available for booking, through the use of this website.
  6. “website / this website”
    This service ( provided on the internet by Lost Tribe (, and operated by Palacio Belmonte.
  7. “email / electronic mail”
    Any message format which is sent through the internet via a website or SMTP protocol, and which is stored on a network server until retrieved by a destined recipient.
  8. “online reservation / online booking”
    A reservation of a suite, room, the entire Palacio Belmonte, or any other physical space available for booking, which is made through the booking engine on this website.
  9. “request for reservation”
    A request which is placed by a client through a website, a mobile phone, or an email with the purpose of placing a reservation.



  1. These terms and conditions define the obligations and the rights of all parties involved in the remote reservation of rooms and services offered by Palacio Belmonte on it’s website and by Lost Tribe on it’s website
  2. The terms and conditions govern all steps required for the reservation and post-reservation process between the contractual parties (customer and Palacio Belmonte).
  3. By accessing this website and / or by using it’s services and features, the customer confirms that he is fully aware of, and has accepted all terms and conditions, including the terms of use and the privacy policy applicable to this website, and also the conditions of the sale for the reserved rate, which are available at



  1. This booking and sales policy, the terms and conditions it contains, the general terms and conditions of this website, including but not limited to the privacy policy, apply to the entire length of time that this online reservation service is available to Palacio Belmonte.
  2. Palacio Belmonte and Lost Tribe reserve the right, without previous nor prior notice or indemnity, to temporarily or permanently shut down this website or the reservation services thereof.
  3. Palacio Belmonte and Lost Tribe are not responsible for any damages that may result from these changes, and/or from the temporary non availability of this website or the online booking services, or of the permanent shutdown of any part on entirety of this website, or


Reservation / booking validation process

  1. A customer makes a choice of a suite and it’s features/options presented on the website
  2. By proceeding to placing a reservation / booking on the website, any customer automatically confirms that he is fully aware of these terms and conditions, and has already obtained any written supplementary information required to proceed with the reservation in full knowledge of these facts.
  3. A customer acting on an individual basis may book a maximum of 5 suites per reservation. Any customer requiring more than 5 suites must contact Palacio Belmonte office directly in order to obtain more adequate rates and conditions for such bookings. Customers may also contact the office for reservations concerning meetings, seminars and business groups in order to obtain specialized rates and conditions for such bookings.
  4. Any reservation is deemed accepted by the customer when proceeding to the final stage of booking and confirmation of the booking.


Reservation process

  1. Reservations can be made by way of virtual booking forms on partner websites, the booking form in this website, and by contacting the office directly.
  2. Any reservation is deemed to be validated upon Palacio Belmonte’s receipt of the reservation request, and upon an online payment, money transfer or bank card payment in order to secure the booking.
  3. Prior to any reservation, the customer must provide Palacio Belmonte the information required in the reservation form.
  4. The customer attests to the truth and accuracy of the information submitted.
  5. The process of the on online reservation includes the following steps:
    • Step 1 – Selection of the room and available options
    • Step 2 – Confirming the reservation details, the total price and deposit fee, and making at this point, any modification to the reservation
    • Step 3 – Providing all necessary information designated “Guest Details”
    • Step 5 – Consultation and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the sale of the reserved rate.
    • Step 6 – Client confirming the reservation
    • Step 7 – Client paying the deposit fee (equivalent to a first night’s stay or a fixed rate or 50% of the total) in order to secure the reservation within the next 48 hours


Acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation / reservation confirmation

  1. Any online reservation made through the system available on this website is subject to acknowledgement of receipt by email, also known as the “Reservation Confirmation”
  2. For online reservations made on this website the emailed reservation confirmation summarises the contract offer, the services reserved, the prices accepted by the customer and Palacio Belmonte’s contact details and address to which the customer should address directly.


Cancellation or modification by the customer

  1. These sales conditions for any rate reserved through this website specify the terms for the cancellation or modification of the reservation.
  2. Prepaid reservations cannot be cancelled, and sums paid in advance as a deposit fee will not be refundable. Customers are reminded that they do not have a right of withdrawal of any amount or fee deposited. Meaning, a non-refundable night is charged upon previous notice to secure your reservation.
  3. Any amount or fee deposited has a 1 year validity period starting on the payment date, usable only for another booking at the Palacio Belmonte. This fee will be deducted from the new reservation, and can only be done with the approval and confirmation of the Palacio Belmonte office, with possibility to blackout dates.
  4. Customers may modify a reservation until 15 days prior to the check-in date without other charges by contacting the office directly.
  5. Modifying a reservation within 15 days prior to the check-in date, implies the immediate payment of two nights in the suite previously blocked.
    Guest must contact the office to re-open the blocked suite, where upon doing so the sum will be charged to the credit card. A new reservation will be done upon availability following our booking policy with deposit and a minimum of two nights. Sums paid in advance will be deducted to the bill at check-out of the new reservation. Sums paid in advance are non-refundable.
  6. In the event that the stay is interrupted, the agreed price will be paid in full. No reimbursement will be given for a prepaid reservation.
  7. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the customer must vacate the suite before 12pm on the last day of the reservation. Failure to do so may result in the customer being billed for an extra night.


Stay at the hotel

  1. According to internal regulations, customers will be asked to fill a complete registration form upon arrival at the hotel, which includes personal information and information for payment. Proof of identity may also be required.
  2. Due to the delicate and historic nature of the Palacio Belmonte’s property, pets are not allowed in the hotel.
  3. The customer agrees to undertake and use the property responsibly. Any behaviour contrary to public order and good morals will immediately result in the banning of the customer from the property, without compensation or reimbursement.



  1. Prices pertaining to the reservation of suites are indicated before and during the reservation process.
  2. The prices shown are per room for the dates specified in the reservation process, and the number of people chosen, according to the maximum number of people per Suite.
  3. Breakfast is included in the price.
  4. Unless specified otherwise, supplementary services such as transportation are not included in the price.
  5. Prices are confirmed with the client with tax-inclusive in Palacio Belmonte’s commercial currency, which is in Euros.
  6. If any payment is made to Palacio Belmonte, in a currency other than Euros, the customer will be liable to all currency conversion fees.
  7. Reservations paid locally at the hotel are made in Euros unless specifically indicated otherwise.
  8. Palacio Belmonte reserves the right to state the total order amount when the customer confirms a reservation.



  1. Customers must provide their bank details, retail card or credit card details as a guarantee of the reservation, including the card number, the expiration date and the card security code via the PayPal payment platform over a secure server, or directly to the hotel for processing.
  2. The payment will be debited by PayPal when made online, and directly by Palacio Belmonte when made locally.
  3. The payment of the value referring to a fixed rate or 50% of the total may be debited online upon reservation, or transferred via bank transfer to Palacio Belmonte’s bank account, and is classified as a deposit.
  4. Palacio Belmonte will request from the client, upon arrival, the authorisation to debit the customer’s credit card as a guarantee of the payment of the rest of the stay and services used during the stay.
  5. On location, Palacio Belmonte accepts payments in cash and all major credit cards.


Force majeure

  1. Palacio Belmonte cannot be held liable for failure to execute its obligations resulting from any event considered as force majeure, recognized as such by courts in the Portuguese Republic.


Special holidays

On the special holiday seasons of S. Valentines, Easter and Christmas/New Year, an extra cost of 100€ per suite will be applied.


Extra bed and breakfast

Each extra bed has a cost of 100 Euros and each extra Belmonte organic breakfast has a cost of 30€.
(Note: an extra bed always “distress” the beautiful decoration of a suite).


Weekend Policy (Thursday to Sunday):

Palacio Belmonte has a weekend booking policy which requires each booking have a minimum of 2 nights, between Thursdays and Sundays.


Children Policy

  1. From 0 to 3 years old – cot beds and breakfast are free of charge;
  2. From 4 to 12 years old –50% of the extra bed when sharing parents’ room and 50% of breakfast;
  3. Over 13 years old – 100% of the extra bed when sharing parents’ room and 100% of breakfast.


Applicable law

This booking and sales policy, and the terms and conditions herein will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the European Union and the Portuguese Republic, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law. The customer specifically consents to personal jurisdiction in Portuguese connection with any dispute between the customer and Palacio Belmonte or Lost Tribe arising out of these terms or pertaining to the subject matter hereof. The parties to these terms each agree that the exclusive venue for any dispute between the parties arising out of these terms or pertaining to the subject matter of these terms will be in the state courts in Lisbon, Portugal. If any part of these terms is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. These terms constitute the entire agreement among the parties relating to this subject matter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any additional terms and conditions on this site will govern the items to which they pertain. Palacio Belmonte and Lost Tribe may revise these terms at any time by updating this posting.


Amendments, corrections, inaccuracies and updates

Even though every effort is made to deliver accurate content, information contained in the websites managed by Palacio Belmonte and Lost Tribe, they may contain typographical errors and inaccuracies, and may not be complete or current. Palacio Belmonte and Lost Tribe therefore reserve the right to make any corrections, modifications and updates to contents at any time without prior notice – including after product and service purchases. Such information may also be related to descriptions, pricing and availability.

From the moment of publication of such content, including but not limited to this policy or any policy connecting to this website, the new version will apply automatically to all customers.


Customer support and contact

Any questions, offline reservations, modifications to reservations, or cancellation of reservations must be addressed with Palacio Belmonte’s office directly, during office hours. Customer support can be reached every day, from 9:00am to 2:00am (GMT) at the phone number: (+351) 21 881 66 00, by email to or at the premises at Páteo Dom Fradique 14, 1100 – 624 Lisboa, Portugal.