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Once I realised that I wanted to make what I used to teach… to create…

Esteiros.Ribatejo is a personal project born in 2011 in Torres Novas, a municipality of Santarém, a region embedded between the mountains and the river. It developed out of a singular mix of motivations, the intimate need to create, the challenge of adding value to “poor” and despised raw materials and, of course…necessity.

I started this path by simply adding sugar and wild quince, revisiting, through it, the flavours of my childhood. Then I dared more complex mixtures, creating jams scented with spices and the bittersweet taste of alcohol, products whose manufacture takes several days or weeks of prior preparation, sometimes feeling like a goldsmith. The resulting taste must always be intense and refined.

I use mostly Mediterranean fruits, but also strawberries, that we produce ourselves. Then, of course, the very special oranges of Pafarrão, that grow at the foothill of Serra d’Aires, the red arbutus berries, almonds and the great ex-libris of Torres Novas, its Black Fig, unique in the world, but that desertification condemned to irrelevance. Now, we want to revive it and make it even more valuable then before.

So, I began alone, making jams and olive paste and selling them at fairs, but then, over time, I met friends and made partnerships, producers like me who also want to value our products and make them available to a wider group of people. I met Michele and her Doce Terra, who provides me with dried figs, nuts and olive oil, and is my great friend and companion in our common struggle for the valorisation of the Black Fig of Torres Novas; Natália, and her delicious homemade liqueurs, Segredos da Tradição, who makes the best black fig liqueur in the world, Rui, who lives a little further away in Abrantes, but makes a delicious beer, Ermida, and Nuno, who struggles everyday to put fresh and delicious vegetables in the market.

Now I want to go on creating products, publicizing them as much as possible, letting people taste them and appreciate them… because there is nothing more pleasant than the glitter of delight on people’ gaze when tasting a Negro de Torres Novas.

And we want to continue together to promote the Black Fig of Torres Novas, its quality and tradition, so that it can reach its rightful place among the really good things of the world.

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