Lightcraft 2017
Gisoo Kim Exhibition

Opening night: August 3rd – 7pm

Date: August 3rd – December 31st 2017
Schedule: 10am – 9pm
Location: Palácio Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe
Address: Pateo Dom Fradique, 14 – 1100-624 Lisboa
Contacts: +351 218816600 _

Artist/Author: Gisoo Kim
Title: Daydream
Curated by: Maria Mendonça
 DaST, WOA-Way of Arts
Sponsors: Palacio Belmonte Lisboa lda, DaST


Lightcraft is back to Castelo in Lisbon. Palácio Belmonte is happy to present the work of two international artists for whom Light is a most crucial research topic and creative challenge – Anita Ackermann and Gisoo Kim.

Curated by the hosts Frederic Coustols and Maria Mendonça with guest curator and researcher Mário Caeiro (ESAD.CR/LIDA), two complementary moments establish a rare breed of a dialogical situation. This is where several instances meet: the public and the intimate, the everyday and the aesthetic encounter, the ancient and the contemporary.

Outside, German artist Anita Ackermann presents a site-specific work. Inside Gisoo Kim, a Korean, shows a series of photographs in the Palácio Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe. Both stand for highly original and deeply knowledged takes on installation and sculpture, photography and drawing, physics and poetry, proposing through this programme a mode of seeing where Light becomes what (it) is: a medium to make other dimensions of Human experience visible.


“My photo works seem real and at the same time sureal. By stiching and cutting the photographs they acquire further expressive elements. Some photo works show altered landscapes. In other works I insert objects which obviously dont seem to fit, and therefore appear to be homeless. Like in a dream where different aspects come together forming a new melange of realities.”


By the words of the artist:
“I lived for the last 20 years in Germany.
I find myself in between the German and the Korean culture.
My memory, my thoughts and my actions have typical Korean and German roots, and an important issue in my work is to combine and mix very different views and perspectives.
In my works I developed a new technique where I make a collage of photos, but instead of using glue or cutting the photos on the computer I stitch the photos together with yarn. This way I bring together different places and situations that may be connected in a real or surreal manner. The stitches with yarn not only serve to join the different photos together, but they also are stitchery drawings.
By the use of stitchery on the photos the works get deepness and several levels and structures.”

Education and Residence:

2010 / Artist in Residence, Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon(SASG)
2004 / Master student of Prof. Irmin Kamp; Master degree at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf/Germany
2001 – 2004 / Kunstakademie Dusseldorf by Prof. Magdalena Jetelová and Prof. Irmin Kamp
1997 – 2001 / Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg/Germany by Prof. Franz Ehrhard Walter and Prof. Wiebke Siem
1995 / Bachelor of fine arts in Seoul City University, Seoul/South-Korea
1991 – 1994 / Study of sculpturing in the Seoul City University

2015 / Artists program, Alfred Cläre Pott Foundation
2013 / Young Talent Promotion of Arts Foundation of North Rhein- Westphalia/ Germany
2011 / 2th Prize, Wilhelm Fabry Museum/ Germany
2009 / Young Talent Promotion of Arts Foundation of North Rhein- Westphalia/ Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2017 / Kunstverein Würzburg/ Germany; Kunst & Co, Flensburg/ Germany
2016 / Kunstverein Paderborn/ Germany; Kunstraumno.10, Mönchengladbach
2015 / Artist house, Göttingen
2014 / Kunstverein Bayreuth/ Germany; Korean Cultural Center, Paris
2012 / Kunstverein Heinsberg/ Germany; Korean Cultural Center, Berlin/ Germany; Galerie S, Aachen ( Festival across the borders)/ Germany; Kunstverein Trier/ Germany
2011 / Stadtgalerie Kaarst, Kunstverein Landshut/ Germany
2010 / Stadtgalerie Haus Köster-Emden in Altena/Germany
2009 / Kunstverein in Biberach/Germany
2008 / Galerie Heimeshoff in Essen/Germany
2007 / V.I.A.P. Galerie in Heerlen/The Netherlands; Baustelle Schaustelle, temporary space for young art in Essen/Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2017 / “eyes on nature”, Haus Metternich, Koblenz; German Textile Museum, Krefeld/ Germany; “orinoco”, photo weekend Düssledorf, plan.d., Düsseldorf
2016 / “Fibrish”, Miami Beach Urban Studiuos, USA; Gallery Jinsun, Seoul. Korea; Artis discover Europe, Forum, Leverkusen/ Germany
2015 / Forum Kunst 6 Architektur, Essen/ Germany
2014 / “re-con-nect.” Gallery Korea, New York, USA
2013 / Juozasart Gallery, Vilnius; Anonymous drawings, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin; Große Kunstausstellung NRW, Museum Kunstpalast; bcs Gallery, New York
2012 / 5 Jahre Baustelle Schaustelle
2011 / Los Angeles Art association; Wilhelm Fabry Museum, Hilden
2010 / Museum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf/Germany; Project Space 333, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea; Zeche Zollverein, Essen, contemporary art ruhr
2009 / plan.d in Dusseldorf/Germany; WP8 in Dusseldorf/Germany Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin/Germany
2008 / Märkisches Scholarship 2009 for drawings from Städtische Galerie in Iserlohn/Germany; Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin/Germany; Kunstraum in Dusseldorf/Germany; Contemporary Art Ruhr 08 – Das Forum“ at Zeche Zollverein in Essen/Germany; Frauenmuseum in Bonn/German
2007 / “The Art of Drive and Control” (Art competition of Bosch Rexroth AG at IHK in Wurzburg/Germany; Zeche Zollverein in Essen/Germany
2006 / “Madness & Arts” at Catwalk World Festival in Osmo Halls of Muenster/Germany; plan.d in Dusseldorf/Germany
2005 / Künsterlaus Hilden/Germany
2000 / Westwerk in Hamburg/Germany
1999 / “Young Art International ’99” at Overbeck-Society in Lubeck/Germany

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