The Jutta Matthess Exhibition

Date: Opened since June 15th 2015
Location: The Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe [at Palácio Belmonte]
Address: Pateo Dom Fradique, 14 – 1100-624 Lisboa
Contacts: +351 218816600 _


Jutta Matthness spent part of her youth on an island in Lake of Constance. Always amazed by the beauty of her surroundings, she started to take pictures at the age of 14 and visited later a photografic school in Berlin.
1963 she went to Paris at a time, where it was still difficult to get a work permit.
She was very attracted by the originality of people and their surroundings. That was something she was not so used to see in Berlin and so she took photos of the Flee Market, Les Halles, Montmartres, the Pantheon, the Quartier Latin the way it looked those days. Jutta Matthess is very happy to share these views with the kind people of Lisboa.

PARIS 1963

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