Zoya Mohajeri Aval Exhibition

Date: October 11th to December 11th 2018
Location: The Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe [at Palácio Belmonte]
Address: Pateo Dom Fradique, 14 – 1100-624 Lisboa
Contacts: +351 218816600


Born in 1974 in a western province of Iran. Zoya started studying art in Cube Atelye in 1992.
She studied fine arts at Art and Architecture Azad University in Terhran. And graduated with a Master degree in 2001.
She presented herself as a painter with “ The movement of order in disorder” collection and interviewed with over 30 prominent Iranian painters in her bachelor book.
Later started studying and touching the poetry of paintings. Therefore, the thesis as a post graduate came out as” A painter a poet”. And it was when for the first time, she tried painting on black papers.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As an artist, Zoya became a permanent member of the Association of Iranian painters in 2000, worked in the Board Management for 4 years, and had three solo exhibitions and fifteen group exhibitions, between 2000 and 2009, in Iran and abroad.
She then moved to Sweden to study Democracy and Human Rights at the University of Umea, feeling “pulled” to southwest Europe later in 2011, as Zoya felt more a more in touch with her art as she started to settle in Portugal.

“I am only a painter, and I have nothing more to tell you. But you tell me if you have something to tell me. Tell me, you might open a door.” Zoya Mohajeri Aval

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