The Maria Pia de Oliveira Exhibition


Date: September 30th – October 31st 2011
Schedule: 10am – 20pm
Location: Palácio Belmonte
Address: Pateo Dom Fradique, 14 – 1100-624 Lisboa
Contacts: +351 218816600 _

Artist/Author: Maria Pia de Oliveira
Co-Artist/Author: Isabel Caldeira
Title: Clarear as Nuvens Densas Acumuladas
Curated by: Maria and Frederic Coustols / Belmonte Cultural Club
 DaST, WOA-Way of Arts, RH Positivo
Sponsors: CML-Agenda Cultural de Lisboa, Palacio Belmonte Lisboa lda


Born and currently living in Lisbon, Portugal, Maria Pia studied Plastic Arts at Ar.Co, in Lisbon, and at the School of Visual Arts, in New York, USA.
Maria has developed a series of exhibitions since the 90’s, among which we underline Viagens (at Galeria Diferença, in Lisbon, 1999), How I Became a Cloud (at Galeria Pedro Oliveira, in Oporto, 2001), On White Air (at Museu da Cidade, in Lisbon, 2003), Bum… (at Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Oporto, 2005), (E)merge (at Museu da Água, Coimbra, 2007), Clothilde + Celeste (at Casa da Cerca, 2009) and Gravidade (at Ermida de Belém, 2010).
At the moment Maria is represented through a series of public collections, in Portugal and abroad.

Leila Photographic


After hosting the “Maria Pia de Oliveira Exhibition” in September/October 2011, The Belmonte Cultural Club launched the “Leila Photographic Competition”, inviting all those who pass through the Belmonte’s front patio to take a creative picture of the “Leila” iron cloud sculpture.

To participate, all you have to do is take a picture at or with the sculpture and either post it directly on Palácio Belmonte’s Facebook and/or Instagram accounts, or just tag us after adding them to your personal account. Palácio Belmonte will be sure to see it and feature it as well as to communicate the winner at the beginning of each year.

As the winning prize, winners will have the pleasure to stay 2 nights in one of Palácio Belmonte suites, under the Belmonte’s availability.

To know more about the competition and/or other events that take place at The Belmonte Cultural Club, contact us at or +351 218816600.


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2014 _ Monica Changer Grossi [from Rome/Cagliari]
2013 _ Marc Vaz [from Rio de Janeiro & Estoril]
2012 _ Takashi Utamaro [from Osaka]
2011 _ Alice Jovovich [from London]