Palácio Belmonte – a shining jewel in Lisbon!

The splendid past of this convivial refugium shines into the present! It combines all facets of luxury which stands out self-assured  of the usual  and gives its guest the experience of everlasting beauty.
The oldest part oft he „Palácio Belmonte“ has been built already in 1449 on one of the seven hills of Lisbon. Old roman and moorish protecting barriers served as basic walls. And Vasco da Gama was welcomed here with a big feast after his triumphal return from India. As oldest palace of the city this building is among the National Monuments of Portugal. Renovated in a lavished way and  in the spirit of its historic past and in line with the highest temporary comfort, a unique interaction between history, art and modernity has come into existence.
Needless to say that each of the ten suites oft he „Palácio Belmonte“ carries the name of an important Portuguese personality and has its own matchless orchestration.
Balcony, winter garden or tower terrace – which is enthroned on a 40 m rock – all of them are unique. Apart from that there is the historic library. A classy fireplace room and a mediterranean garden with a pool made of black marble invite to relax.
And whoever has experiences a sundown on a yacht on the Tejo river, an evening with a fado singer or a day in the Alentejo region with wine and olive oil tasting with racy lusitano horses will feel as if he has seen paradise.
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