Grenache Restaurant

The Most Exquisite Of High-end French Cuisine

New at its concept and born from years of marinated experience, knowledge conceived from dedicated high-end French cuisine, Philippe and Quentin bring you Grenache Restaurant. A dive into a uniqueness and mesmerizing vision, in heart of Lisbon, within the walls and front patio of Palácio Belmonte, side-by-side to the São Jorge Castle.

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Cultural Club Cafe

Front Patio Cafe

Located in Palácio Belmonte’s front patio, where millions of tourists cross through every year for the connection it’s location establishes between the S.Jorge Castle entrance and the Alfama bairro, you find the most exquisite and unique corner, a cafe and restaurant emerged within a cultural concept where you find music, contemporary art and history.

Our Lisbon Recommendations

Where to Go and What to Do

When in Lisbon there is so much one can do within the fascinating city landscapes of one of Europe’s most breathtaking capitals.

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The DaST Collection

Our Landscape Collection Through Sustainable Restoration

Have a dazzling dive through the company and vision that gave life to Palácio Belmonte and discover which other landscape collections and projects we have.

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