Palácio Belmonte in Exclusivity

3 Piano Nobile Rooms / the East Terrace / 1 Chapel / 2 Libraries / 10 Suites
the Garden & Pool / the Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe

Palácio Belmonte was the setting for movies like “Lisbon Story “, by Wim Wenders, and “A Firma Pereira” with Marcelo Mastroianni.


Lightness, freedom, comfort and privacy,
in full exclusivity to your private event or personal gathering.

Property Rental / Booking the Palace

Unique. Exquisite. Luxurious.

The Belmonte is about light, privacy, beautiful landscapes. An attitude and a lifestyle. Where luxury is synonymous of encountering one’s emotions.
Eleven suites on 3700m2, 7 terraces, books, art, chimneys, piano, infinity pool. A very discreet, attentive and imaginative team to show you the best.

House of the Earl of Belmonte, Cabral and the Marquis of Atalaia for the past 500 years, the Belmonte is a sculpture. A 2197 years synthesis of Portuguese history, which became a few years ago the house of a Landscape Collector.

The Palace offers 10 suites, all different, all unique, some with terraces, winter garden, built in a roman tower with 360º view or in a Muslim tower over a 40m high rock, all equipped with fully modern bathrooms, natural ventilation, a Mediterranean garden and black marble swimming pool.

For an experience beyond compare, far back to our roots, to our childhood, to fantasy, let Palácio Belmonte be your house while discovering the wonderland of Portugal.

An experience unlike any other

The Belmonte is the most veiled secret in Lisbon; one of the world’s finest capitals, where you can experience a fabulous sunset in a yacht on the Tejo River, a private tour to unique architectural features of old Lisbon, your own private Fado singer or a special day out with wine… then come back to well being, exclusivity, simplicity, natural comfort, intimacy and introspection. Palácio Belmonte is a real alternative way of life… book your getaway now!

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

The whole Palace including 10 suites, Piano Nobile, garden and accommodation capacity for 24 pax + 4 extra beds.

Price for 2 nights: 50.000,00 €
Price for 3 nights: 80.000,00 €
Rental includes: Belmonte organic breakfast for 28 guests, cleaning service, butler service, and a chauffeured Sedan 12h/day.
Extras: Catering service upon request (subject to budget).

50% is required to guarantee the dates, remaining 50% payable until one week prior to event.

Embeded within the history of a two thousand year old synthesis
once home of Pedro Álvares Cabral, Portuguese Explorer and
Count of Belmonte, today the home of a landscape collector.
Your five star world prized private guest house/palace hotel.

Piano Nobile & Outdoor Spaces

Maria Ursula,
the Ballroom

With 100 square meters, the Maria Ursula is the biggest hall in the palace.
Decorated with 27 hand painted blue tiles panels of the first quarter of the eighteenth-century referring to biblical scenes, a vaulted roof 8 meter high, departing from a wooden cornice, marble painted, and three specially designed enormous chandeliers, each with 150 candles.
Facing the beautiful arch that gives way to the inside of the Páteo D. Fradique four long windows (…)


Governor’s Room and
the Red Library

The four walls of this ancient dining room are decorated with hand painted tiles dating from the first quarter of the XVIIIth century. The design and the colour are luxurious and shows rare picnics parties. This room is also 7m high decorated with a splendid wooden painted roof in box. It leads to the music room and the terrace.
In the Red Library, one of its walls, facing the chimney is covered with shelves that contain part of the 3.500 books you will enjoy reading during your stay (…)


White Library and
the Chapel

The Library of the Palacio is divided in two rooms. We enter the white library through a big double door from the first floor hall with it’s old black and white “mosaicos de papa”. Two other big double doors connect the white library, one to the red library and the other to the chapel and the suites.
The White Library marks the entrance and passage way to most of our suites, also connecting to the Red Library (which accesses the Governor’s Room) and the Chapel (which also accesses to the (…)


Music Room

The music room is small but of wonderful proportions; it gives way to the great terrace. The tiles “azulejos” have been painted around 1720 and represent music players in the fields. The ceiling, in box painted wood, is much lower than in the Governor’s room. From above a fake door we can see the huge rock that sustain a magical octagonal room (suite Bartolomeu de Gusmao) that was probably once a Moorish musk during the VIIth century. (…)


East Terrace

Huge terrace built in 1640 with stones imported from Russia, facing the “straw sea” and the old Alfama district, giving a magnificient view that has served stage to inumerous private events, special happenings of our Cultural Club, and as a relaxing spot within Lisbon’s most famoust neighbourhood, hidden from the urban eyes. A perfect scenario to receive your friends or business partners for a cocktail, diner or any special ocasion. (…)


Garden & Pool

The Belmonte is about light, privacy, beautiful landscapes. An attitude and a lifestyle. Where luxury is synonymous of encountering one’s emotions.
House of the Earl of Belmonte, Cabral and the Marquis of Atalaia for the past 500 years, Palácio Belmonte is a sculpture. A 2197 years synthesis of Portuguese history which became a few years ago the house of a landscape collector, regenerated today to a world class private guest palace (…)


Sitting in the heart of Lisbon, a city retreat with an ambience like no other,
within the most unique and fascinating of Portuguese neighbourhoods.

Our Suites

Amadeo de Souza Cardoso

Beds: King size bed
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 120 sqm
View: City, Castle walls, River, Garden, Pool.

Terrace suite – An extraordinary suite lined with an impressive collection of XVIII century ‘azulejo’ tile panels and sporting a cathedral height ceiling, Has a library at the entrance, a big living with a king size Japanese bed in mezzanine, a small dining room (…)


Ricardo Reis

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 90 sqm
View: City, Alfama bairro, River, Garden, Pool.

Terrace suite – A double suite with a stunning view to the river and garden and an incredible natural light, the bedroom – the “alcove” of the palace –  has original” azulejo” tile panels by the Master Valentim de Almeida as well as original frescoes.  There is a very large living room with “caixotao” ceiling with a terrace facing the river. Area: 90 sqm. (…)


Bartolomeu de Gusmão

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 110 sqm
View: City, River, Alfama bairro.

Terrace suite – Named by Condé Nast one of the most beautiful suites in the world, this 3 level double suite inside one of the VIII century Muslim towers has a superb terrace with an expansive view over Alfama and the river Tejo and a very rare octagonal living room with vaulted ceiling and original XVIII century azulejo (tile) panels. (…)


Gil Vicente

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 162 sqm
View: City, Alfama bairro, River, Garden, Pool.

Terrace suite – Our largest double suite, due to its beautiful winter garden and terrace at the top of the Muslim tower acceded by narrow Muslim stairs. This terrace has an fabulous view to the Castle, river and palace roof tops. It’s a very relaxing and romantic suite, with a bedroom, living room and white marble bathroom. Area 162 sqm. (…)


Agostinho da Silva

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 61 sqm

A suite with a surprise – A very intimate and peaceful double suite at the top floor. This suite starts with a hall lined with XVIII century tiles with a beautiful wardrobe with polychrome doors, followed by a big living/bed room with a traditional Portuguese wood ceiling and two very big windows with ancient stone love sits, allowing views of the palace’s roof tops and sky. (…)


Padre Himalaya

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 77 sqm
View: 360º view over Lisbon, S. Jorge Castle, River, Alfama bairro.

The Honeymoon suite – A romantic 3 level double suite, at the top of the Roman tower. One of the most extraordinary bedrooms in the world. Its windows all around allow 360° view over the Alfama and the river Tejo.  The spacious marble bathroom features a sunken bathtub as well as a shower. (…)


Fernão Mendes Pinto

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 29 sqm
View: City, Alfama bairro, River.

Concept suite – Our smallest but beautiful with a stunning river view, and perfect for the adult children. The bedroom with high ceilings has the bed draped in luminous yellow pure silk, a cozy antechamber (…)


Alberto Caeiro

Beds: 2 Double beds or 2 Twin beds
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Occupancy: family of 4
Size: 100 sqm
View: Garden, Pool.

Family Suite – A beautiful low ceilinged suite facing the garden with two bedrooms (two doubles or two twin – one bigger), a living room, a small kitchen and two bathrooms, one with bathtub the other with a big shower. Area 100 sqm. (…)


Egas Moniz

Beds: 2 Double beds or 2 Twin beds
Number of Bedrooms: 2
Occupancy: family of 4
Size: 100 sqm
View: Lower Pateo, Palace, Entrance

Family Suite – A two bedroom suite (doubles or twins) with a marble bathroom and a separate toilet, living room, and hall. Lined with original XVIII century azulejo tile panels and has Arabic vaulted ceilings, creating an evocative atmosphere (…)


Fernão Magalhães

Beds: Double bed or two singles
Occupancy: 2 guests
Size: 45 sqm
View: Pateo, Palace.

Concept suite – A two level double suite located in a Muslim tower at the entrance of the Palace, with pleasant views to our Patio and Cafe. Has a small living on the ground floor, above a very light full bed room and a black marble bathroom which bathtub is built in an old tunnel to the Castle. (…)


Unique. Exquisite. Luxurious.
The Belmonte is about light, privacy, beautiful landscapes…
An attitude and a lifestyle. Where luxury is synonymous of
encountering one’s emotions.

Front Patio & the Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe

The Cafe

A magnificent space blending old and new with it’s magical walls made of iron and ancient arches leads directly to the inside of Páteo D. Fradique. The perfect place to join pleasure and culture, rather with friends or family.

We’re opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 19pm.


The Stage of Cultural Events

Located in Palácio Belmonte’s front patio, where millions of tourists cross through every year for the connection it’s location establishes between the S.Jorge Castle entrance and the Alfama bairro, you find the most exquisite and unique corner, a cafe and restaurant emerged within a cultural concept where you find music, contemporary art and history. (…)


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