Maria Ursula

the Ballroom

After many years and journeys a new impression is finally added. The Palácio Belmonte at the foot of Castelo de São Jorge over the roofs of old Lisbon is, probably, the most beautiful hotel of the world.


Art. Sensorialism. Timelessness…
Centuries of special occasions written within our walls,
vibrating the perfect essence for your private gathering or event.

Our Ballroom

With 100 square meters, the Maria Ursula is the biggest hall in the palace.
Decorated with 27 hand painted blue tiles panels of the first quarter of the eighteenth-century referring to biblical scenes, a vaulted roof 8 meter high, departing from a wooden cornice, marble painted, and three specially designed enormous chandeliers, each with 150 candles.
Facing the beautiful arch that gives way to the inside of the Páteo D. Fradique four long windows allow us to see the magical and glorious sun set.

Why the name?

Maria Ursula d’Abreu e Lencastro, born in Rio de Janeiro, was a Portuguese corporal.
In 1700, the year in which she completed eighteen years old, she left the house of her father and headed to Lisbon, the capital of the Portuguese Empire. Her idea was to live the adventures of Cavalry and Crusades that she had read from books, adventures that were forbidden to the women of her time.

When she arrived at Lisbon, she enlisted herself as a soldier, with the false name of Baltasar do Couto Cardoso.
She served in the Portuguese army in Portuguese India dressed as a man in 1700-1712. She participated in the conquest of the fortress at Amboina and was decorated for her service by the king John V of Portugal in 1714.

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

The ballroom for a maximum of 40 pax for a period of 8h max.

Price: 7.000,00 € +VAT
Rental includes: cleaning service, butler service, and a chauffeured Sedan.
Extras: Catering service upon request (subject to budget).

50% is required to guarantee the dates, remaining 50% payable until one week prior to event.

Stage to uniqueness… Extraordinary happenings
such as for Google, Mango and iconic international celebrities,
a temple of lifetimes of memories for you to add more.

Moments that last forever

Ever since Palácio Belmonte was renewed, after its purchase in 1994, it has been the stage for numerous events. Gifted moments, each on unique, from family or personal celebrations to private company events, group meetings and presentations. The Belmonte has been the soul home for international gatherings such as for Google and Mango, as well as for celebrities such as Jeremy Irons and Christian Louboutin.

Design your dream celebration and organize
an outstanding event. We’ll bring it to perfection!