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Posted by Condé Nast Traveler on Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Belmonte
Videos & Movies

Through the decades, Palácio Belmonte has been stage to several iconic movies and multimedia happenings. Most recently to European band videoclips as well as featured on many tv programs.
To view them click on the names below and watch them online.
To our knowledge, some of those videos and movies are:

_“La Dolce Vita” Lisbonne
2016 TV Programs on TV France 3 Corse via Stella + RTBF

_ Palácios de Portugal
2015 TV Program on RTP Internacional

_ The Next List
2015 TV coverage from Editor Maeve Nicholson, at Condé Nast Traveler, on the “Perfect Recipe” for a vacation in Lisbon

Literatura Aqui
2015 TV program from RTP2

Two from Many: (Visitor Impression)
2015 videoclip by VriesFilm on the installation/event that took place at the Belmonte Cultural Club on June 28th 2015.

_ Bella Block
2014 TV German series

_ Afirma Pereira
1995 Italian movie by Roberto Faenza

_ The Lisbon Story
1994 movie by Wim Wenders

_ A Cidade na Ponta dos Dedos
tv program featured by Sancha Trindade

_ InGamba Tours
tv program coverage and interview with Frederic Coustols

_ Espaços & Casas
tv program coverage

_ Sociedade Civil
tv program coverage

_ Ukraine Travel Show

_ A Conversa dos Outros
tv program coverage

_ Plataforma Atlantica launch

_ Lisboa nas Narrativas
documentary on the workshop

_ When West Meets Orient
music soundtrack improvisation for the website

_ Dancing Cloud
video illustration teaser, by Isabel Caldeira, for the Maria Pia de Oliveira exhibition, in 2011

_ Quartetto Indaco
videoclip #01
videoclip #02

and many, many more…

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