Wondering how the best of portuguese gastronomy is born? Meet Esteiros Ribatejo. A remarkable example of portuguese production in its finest…

Unique & Exquisite Recommendations by Palácio Belmonte

“(…) I started this path by simply adding sugar and wild quince, revisiting, through it, the flavours of my childhood. Then I dared more complex mixtures, creating jams scented with spices and the bittersweet taste of alcohol, products whose manufacture takes several days or weeks of prior preparation, sometimes feeling like a goldsmith. The resulting taste must always be intense and refined.

I use mostly Mediterranean fruits, but also strawberries, that we produce ourselves. Then, of course, the very special oranges of Pafarrão, that grow at the foothill of Serra d’Aires, the red arbutus berries, almonds and the great ex-libris of Torres Novas, its Black Fig, unique in the world, but that desertification condemned to irrelevance. Now, we want to revive it and make it even more valuable then before. (…)”

Find out more about Esteiros Ribatejo and all products involved at www.palaciobelmonte.com/image-video-gallery/esteiros-ribatejo/ or directly through any of the websites below:

Esteiros Ribatejo:
Morango Saudade:
Rosagro & Doce Terra:
Crafted Liqueurs “Segredos da Tradição”:
Ermida Beer:


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